Have an aging, arthritic, injured or anxious dog or cat? Click here to learn a natural, FREE way to improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life while you deepen your bond.   

Is your horse stiff, tense or resistant? Would you like to be more balanced and confident in and out of the saddle?  Click here and I’ll show you how to create the joyful horse-human partnership you desire.     

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Whether you’re dealing with aging, arthritis, anxiety or injury, you can learn to help yourself and your dogs/cats/horses feel better at any age!

Debono Moves has helped:

  • Replace anxiety with confidence
  • Enhance recovery after injury or surgery
  • Lessen the effects of hip dysplasia and arthritis
  • Reduce stiffness and promote freer movement  
  • Make grooming, saddling and riding pleasurable and stress-free
  • Support end of life transitions
  • Deepen the human-animal bond


Read on to learn how Debono Moves can help improve strength, coordination and mobility for your dogs and cats, horses and yourself. Mary Debono’s book, Grow Young with Your Dog, is a #1 Amazon bestseller. It won Best Health Book in the 2015 San Diego Book Awards and was a silver medalist in the 2015 Living Now Book Awards.

Sharon Franklin, D.V.M. “Mary Debono brings such integrity, passion, and skill to her work with animals and people. She has an exquisite understanding of energy and movement. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a skilled teacher and healer.”   – Sharon B. Franklin, DVM

Debono Moves was formerly called the SENSE Method.

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