Mary Teaches a Sold-Out Equine Workshop at the Helen Woodward Animal Center

Equestrians from three states gathered in Southern California to learn how to improve horses’ performance, suppleness and body awareness via the SENSE Method. They also learned how to enhance their own awareness, balance and coordination with Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons.   


Mary Debono and Gary Waskowsky, both Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, led the workshop at the renewed Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, on August 3 – 5, 2012.


Since many horses express their dislike of saddling by nipping, ear pinning, kicking or tensing their ribcage (“bloating”), part of the workshop was devoted to teaching the participants how to use pleasurable, calming hands-on SENSE moves to make tacking up more comfortable for horses. The participants transformed saddling into an enjoyable experience, recognizing that happy, supple horses are also more likely to be relaxed and responsive when ridden.


In a nutshell, the students learned skills to bring both horse and rider into balance and recognized that the SENSE Method is a thoughtful way to give back to your horse and deepen the horse-human bond.

Mary demonstrating how to help horse coordinate his movement through his back


Student learns how to connect with the horse’s “seatbone”

The SENSE Method works with animals of all sizes!


Mary helps mini horse feel how moving her sternum helps in rounding and arching the back and neck


When the spine is stiff, the hamstrings are often tight as well. Mary helps the horse feel the connection between his lower back muscles and hamstrings, so that he can use both more freely.

Mary Debono
Mary Debono, is a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner who teaches people how to increase mobility and confidence while minimizing the effects of aging and injury. She is the author of the award-winning, Amazon #1 bestseller, "Grow Young with Your Dog," and the creator of Debono Moves. Mary travels internationally to teach workshops with an equine, canine/feline or human focus. She also offers online consultations. Mary lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, horse, dog and cat. Visit her at www.DebonoMoves.com
Mary Debono
Mary Debono

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