My book is finally here – and it’s FREE!

The Kindle edition is free from November 12 – 14, 2014 . The price will be $9.97 as of 11/15/14.  Don’t miss out – download your free copy TODAY!

Would you like to learn how to help yourself and your dog feel better – at any age?    If so, this book is for you!

In addition to the free book, you also get access to almost one hour of video and over 3.5 hours of audio instruction – at no cost!

Many of you have been waiting a long time for my book to be available. Thank you for your patience! Grow Young with Your Dog teaches you how to help yourself and your dog feel better and move more joyfully.

In this book I describe how I have helped dogs heal completely from injuries and surgeries, move well despite arthritis and hip dysplasia, recover from a paralyzing stroke and run and play again after being classified as “too old to recover”. Some of the dogs from the book are pictured below.

Grow Young with Your Dog will teach you how to use gentle contact and supportive movements to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Minimize the risk of injury
  • Comfort the aging and infirm
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Enhance vitality and well-being
  • Facilitate healing after injury, surgery or illness
  • Cultivate a deep bond between human and canine
  • Lessen the effects of arthritis, hip dysplasia and aging


I’m offering my book to you in gratitude for your support and interest in my work.  As many of you know, I’ve spent decades creating and refining Debono Moves and I’m excited to share it with a larger audience.

In return, I would be most grateful if you would write a review on Amazon.  And if you enjoy Grow Young with Your Dog, please tell your friends about it!  You can use the buttons below to share it on social media.  Let’s help LOTS of dogs and humans by giving away as many free downloads as we can in three days!  Thank you so very much for spreading the word!

I wrote this book to help empower people to take their well-being – and that of their dog’s – into their own hands.   Debono Moves’  unique approach is designed to help you improve right along with your dog. That’s why this book is accompanied by audio recordings of easy-to-do exercises that can help rid you of stiffness, stress, aches and poor posture, while gaining flexibility, better balance and improved coordination. In short, you’ll feel younger! 

I think of this program as investing in yourself and your dog, because what you do today will affect how you’ll feel in ten or more years.  Taking the time to move more comfortably now can reduce wear and tear to joints and muscles in the future. In a nutshell, it’s never too early to start feeling younger.

But it’s also never too late to start!  Several of the dogs portrayed in this book were at an advanced age with a poor prognosis when I met them. But yet they improved their abilities considerably. These plucky dogs taught me that regardless of age or physical condition, you can improve your quality of life. This is true for humans and canines alike.

With this book in hand, you no longer have to choose between spending quality time with your dog and taking care of yourself. As you do the basic techniques with your dog, you may discover that your body moves more freely, your mind is calmer and clearer, and your spirit more joyful.

Wouldn’t you like to grow young with your dog? Download your free book today!  This offer won’t last.  The e-book will be $9.97 as of 11/15/14.  The paperback version will be priced at $14.97 and is expected to be available in early December.   It’ll make a great holiday gift!


Wishing you and your animals health and happiness,


Nicky says "Jump on this free offer today!"

Nicky says “Jump on this free offer today!”

p.s.  Don’t miss out!  Download my book, Grow Young with Your Dog, today while it’s still FREE!  You’ll also get access to over 4.5 hours of audio/video instruction.  Writing a review on Amazon and telling your friends about the book would be incredibly helpful and much appreciated. Use the share buttons below to share it on social media.  Let’s see how many downloads we can get!  Thank you very much!



Mary Debono
Mary Debono, is a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner who teaches people how to increase mobility and confidence while minimizing the effects of aging and injury. She is the author of the award-winning, Amazon #1 bestseller, "Grow Young with Your Dog," and the creator of Debono Moves. Mary travels internationally to teach workshops with an equine, canine/feline or human focus. She also offers online consultations. Mary lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, horse, dog and cat. Visit her at www.DebonoMoves.com
Mary Debono
Mary Debono

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