How AMAZING will you feel when you become the person your horse needs you to be?  

Are you...

  • Feeling frustrated or STUCK in your riding?  
  • Crooked, stiff or slouched on your horse? 
  • Dealing with achy knees, hips, shoulders or a sore back? 
  • Feeling uncoordinated or insecure in the saddle? 
  • Struggling to overcome bad habits or injuries?
  • Anxious that something will go wrong?  
  • Wishing that you and your horse had more FUN?

If ANY of these describe you, help is here! 

In just minutes a day, you can improve your flexibility, balance and confidence. Yes, even when other approaches haven't worked.

Let international clinician and FeldenkraisĀ® Practitioner Mary Debono show you how.

Our next 4-week online group coaching program starts Spring 2019.  

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Short, effective exercises that you can seamlessly weave into your day. 

Are you stuck? Frustrated that you can't ride as easily and elegantly as you'd like? Do you struggle with being crooked on your horse? Do you have rounded shoulders or a stiff back? 

Do your knees or hips ache? Does your leg refuse to stay in position? Are you struggling to overcome injuries? 

Is it difficult to follow your horse's movement? Do you sometimes feel that your body has a mind of its own?  

Help is here! You can enhance your body awareness, flexibilty and coordination with gentle, effective exercises designed by Feldenkrais practitioner, author, international clinician and life-long equestrian, Mary Debono, GCFP. 

Body awareness exercises designed for the BUSY equestrian. 

Have you tried other approaches but STILL can't maintain an elegant, secure position? Do your hips feel tight despite stretching? Do you slouch even though you keep telling yourself to sit up straight?

If so, it's not your fault! Those "willpower" approaches rarely work over the long-term.  

This group coaching program is different. 

You'll learn how to harness the power of your BRAIN to improve your flexibilty, balance and confidence.  

You'll get innovative exercises to do both on and off your horse. And they'll be targeted to maximize your results.  

Mary's Personal Support

 What if you have a question or need support to implement the program? No worries!  

Mary wants to help you succeed, so she'll be showing up daily in the private Facebook group to answer your questions. She'll do weekly Facebook Live videos that will be recorded so you can watch them anytime.  

You'll also get on-going support, motivation and community from other heart-centered equestrians in our private Facebook group. 

We'll be doing the program along with you and cheering on your progress!  


 Learn how to get your mind and body working FOR you. 

You don't need to wait for your schedule to magically free up. 

The program is designed to fit into your busy life. 

So jump in - you and your horse DESERVE to be happy and healthy! 



Mary believes that equestrian activities should be enjoyable for both horse AND human. If you're feeling frustrated, sore, anxious or unable to keep a balanced, secure position, that's no fun! And it's even LESS fun for your horse!  

Please do yourself - and your horse - a huge favor and apply to our 4-week online group coaching program. It'll give you skills to improve your physical and emotional resiliency. You'll learn how to make your movements lighter and easier. You'll gain control over negative thoughts and rein in stress and anxiety. 

And your connection with your horse will deepen.  

For more than 25 years, Mary has worked with equestrians of all ages, abilities and disciplines. An international clinician and award-winning, best selling author, she's helped pleasure riders as well as World Cup competitiors. Mary looks forward to helping you improve too!

Our next 4-week group coaching program begins Spring 2019.


Mary Debono's 4-week online group coaching program begins Spring 2019. We keep the group size small to ensure that you'll get Mary's support and personal attention. 

As you advance through the program, you can expect to:

  •  Improve your body awareness, flexibility and confidence 
  • Learn how to create a joyful relationship with your horse
  • Improve your physical and emotional resiliency and harness the power of your brain to work FOR you  
  • Understand and improve your feel 
  • Move with lightness, comfort, ease and coordination  
  • Stop negative self-talk and use your thoughts to propel you toward the life you truly desire.  
  • Discover that you have the power to improve your physical and emotional functioning. At any age. Regardless of your current physical condition.

Mary's program is open to those individuals who are ready to embrace mind-body awareness. 

This is NOT another traditional exercise, stretching or "core strength" program. 

Your horse's physical and emotional well-being will also be addressed. If you'd rather not think about what your horse needs or wants, then this ISN'T the program for you. But if you care about becoming the person your horse wants you to be, then I hope you'll join us! 

In a nutshell, you'll learn how to improve your body awareness, flexibility and confidence to create a joyful relationship with your horse.  

 You don't need to have your own horse to join us. You'll need an internet connection, a computer or smartphone. Many of the exercises will be done lying on the floor or sitting in a chair. The mounted work is optional. You'll also need a Facebook account to access our private Facebook group. The video recordings will be made available so you don't have to watch them live.  

 Questions? Please email

Ready to feel balanced, confident and FREE? 

Don't delay your dreams another moment. When you join our program, you'll get: 

  • Each week, you'll get three Feldenkrais-inspired exercises that can help you improve your position, flexibility, balance and coordination.  
  • These brain-based, gentle movement lessons are amazingly effective. We get results even when traditional exercises have failed.  
  • Each week, you'll learn mind-body techniques to get your mind working FOR you. You'll learn to stop negative self-talk and improve your confidence. This alone is worth the price of admission!  
  • You'll enjoy weekly mounted exercises too  
  • To personally support your progress, Mary will host weekly Facebook Live videos. You can ask watch the video recordings if you can't attend live.  
  • You'll learn how to improve your body awareness, flexibility and confidence to create a joyful relationship with your horse.  
  • The low price of $247 reflects your status as a Founding Member of Mary's tribe. You won't want to miss this deal, as it won't last.  
  • No risk offer! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If the program doesn't meet your expectations during the first 14 days, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase price, less a 7% processing fee.  

You get all this for just $247. Improve your riding - and your life!