Grow Young with Your Dog® – Canine Workshops

The dogs relax while their people do body awareness exercises

The dogs relax while their people do body awareness exercises

Whether your dog is a youngster or a senior, a canine agility competitor or an older dog with arthritis and weak hips, a  Grow Young with Your Dog®  workshop can improve your animal friend’s movement, comfort and well-being.

Through a mixture of theory, demonstration and fun experiential learning, you will discover gentle, effective techniques to improve your dog’s quality of life and deepen the human-animal bond.

At the same time, you will explore how to pleasantly and gently improve your posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. You will discover how to help yourself and your canine companion move easier and feel younger!

Classes are taught by Mary Debono, author of the award-winning Amazon best seller, Grow Young with Your Dog. 

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“I recently had the pleasure of hosting Mary for a 3 day horse/human/dog clinic. In every case we saw improvement in movement and function. It was wonderful to see that everyone who participated felt immediate improvements in freedom of movement and reduction in pain and stiffness. I can’t recommend Mary and her work enough. If you have a chance to work with her or attend a clinic don’t hesitate.”  – Leah Astrup, Ann Arbor, MI

“Mary, the class was awesome!  Everyone loved it.  The private session was fantastic too.  Thanks so much!”  – Sarah Hauser, New York, NY   

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How to Host a Grow Young with Your Dog®  Workshop

Please call 858.842.4006 or email mary@debonomoves.com for information.