Feldenkrais Method® Private Sessions

Mary offers private Feldenkrais Functional Integration® sessions. The client, comfortably clothed, lays or sits on a low padded table. The session lasts 50 minutes and involves non-habitual, pleasurable movement and gentle touch.

Benefits can include: improved flexibility, coordination, posture and elimination of back, neck and knee pain. Clients improve flexibility, coordination and balance and Mary has had great success with improving equestrians’ performance. Each session is custom-tailored to the individual’s needs. The fee is $125.

If you haven’t worked with Mary before, please choose the option “INITIAL Feldenkrais session” after you’ve clicked here.   This is a longer (about 75 minutes) session that is an in-depth exploration of your needs and goals.  The fee for an initial session is $150.

If you’ve had a session with Mary before, please choose the “Feldenkrais session” option after you’ve clicked here.   Questions?  Please email Mary@DebonoMoves.com.

Mary’s office is located in Encinitas, San Diego County, CA.

Make an Online Appointment

Contact Mary to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment. Or for 24/7 convenience,  simply click here to schedule an appointment online.  Checks (made payable to “SENSE Method, Inc.”), cash, MasterCard and Visa are accepted at the time of your session.

Wow, Mary, I’m amazed! My sciatica pain is gone. Thank you!” L.B., Carlsbad, CA  

Mary also offers in-depth online consultations over Zoom or Skype, where she will lead you through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons that are designed to meet your needs and goals.  Online sessions have been especially popular with equestrians who want to enjoy more elegant, balanced and coordinated movement, but live too far away to see Mary in person.  To schedule an online session with Mary, please email her at Mary@DebonoMoves.com.  The fee for an online session is $197 for about an hour and includes the pre-session consult and video review (if you’d like) and the video recording of the session.*

Contact Mary to learn if an online session would be a right fit for you. I’m here to help.  

To purchase an online session, please click the “Buy Now” button below.

An online session makes a thoughtful gift! Click here to print out a gift certificate. 

*Recordings allow you to refer back to the information presented in the online session.  You won’t have to rely on your memory!  The recording is  for the client’s private use only.




Lientje Schüler, dressage trainer

“Mary Debono’s work has helped me tremendously regarding body awareness and body coordination. Due to the new found ways of moving my body, I have been able to ride differently, but also use my body in a more beneficial way on a day-to-day basis…  

“…Overall, the Feldenkrais work with Mary Debono has enriched my movement on and off the horse. I therefore experience hardly any back and shoulder pain anymore. I can make my own body work less, by using the right body parts at the right time, instead of all of them all the time.” – Lientje Schueler, Steffan Peters Training Stable


“After recovering from four severed tendons in my knee and my fibula broken in three places after being dragged by a horse, I was walking, but limping and in pain daily. My pain would rotate from my knee, to my lower leg, then alternate feet. This went on for months and I wondered how to stop the cycle.

Nicki Branch

Nicki Branch, founder of Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue

“I went to Mary Debono after watching her demonstration at a Holistic Horse Workshop where she described how the brain needs to be retrained after injury, or it holds onto compensating movements. I had a feeling she could help me.

“After just two sessions, I was walking well enough to go on a 9 mile hike in the Sierras… without pain. I had better posture and learned to walk with intention on that hike after my sessions with Mary. I am now walking normal and no more compensation, sore muscles or pain! Big grateful thanks to Mary for greatly improving my life and ability to walk again! I wish I had gone to her sooner!” – Nicki Branch, founder of FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Valley Center, CA  

A session with Mary makes a thoughtful gift! To purchase a gift certificate for a private OFFICE session, click the “Buy Now” button BELOW.

To print out a gift certificate, please click here.