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Workshop participants learn how to improve their flexibility balance and coordination

Workshop participants learn how to improve their flexibility balance and coordination

Grow Young with Your Horse®

Conquer Fear, Improve Performance & Partner Joyfully    

Do you want a sound, happy horse? Do you want to be a confident, skillful horsewoman?  Through unique hands-on exercises and fun, positive training, Mary Debono’s Grow Young with Your Horse workshops help horses and humans of any age be balanced and confident in mind and body.

You’ll learn how to release horses’ muscular tension and improve suppleness, balance, coordination and freedom of movement. With Feldenkrais movement lessons, you will also learn how to reduce your stress and tension and improve your flexibility, posture, and coordination. You’ll be introduced to a new way of looking at movement — and at life.

In a Grow Young with Your Horse workshop you can learn:

  • The secret to helping your horse round his back and make collection easier
  • Is your horse stiff to one side?  Or is it you?  Learn how horse & rider can be flexible and balanced
  • Why stretching may not be the best way to help your horse overcome stiffness
  • How to have a more connected, joyful relationship with your horse
  • A holistic, hands-on approach that can enhance your horse’s comfort, performance and well-being

And, for you…

  • Practical strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and aches & pains
  • Anti-aging exercises that help you move with elegance and vitality
  • How to improve your posture and balance, both on and off your horse

Whether you’re a baby boomer with a senior horse or a millennial with a colt, the Grow Young with Your Horse workshop can help you and your horse get the most out of life.

In the Grow Young with Your Horse workshop, Mary will discuss how she’s helped horses – and their humans – move better despite arthritis, sore backs, injuries, aging, anxiety and stiffness. You’ll see for yourself that some degree of improvement is possible at virtually any age or condition.

Please email Mary@DebonoMoves.com for specific information on horse and rider clinics and workshops. 

Here’s what some clinic participants had to say:  

“There are not many clinicians as helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and patient as Mary Debono. Her methods are as simple as they are effective, and I just want to give a big shout out to her and all the participants of the last weekends clinic for a wonderful and educational experience! Can’t wait to have her back and for all of those who were unable to attend, it really, really is life changing, both the for horse and human. Amazing stuff! Thank you Mary for being so clear, helpful, and intuitive and sharing your gift with us!”  – Elaine Hayes, owner/trainer Lake Norman Dressage Center, Mooresville, NC 

“I recently had the pleasure of hosting Mary for a 3 day horse/human/dog clinic. In every case we saw improvement in movement and function. It was wonderful to see that everyone who participated felt immediate improvements in freedom of movement and reduction in pain and stiffness. I can’t recommend Mary and her work enough. If you have a chance to work with her or attend a clinic don’t hesitate.”  – Leah Astrup, Equine and Canine Touch Practitioner, Ann Arbor, MI


“Mary Debono is skilled at making both you, the rider, and your horse feel better than you ever have. Through exercises, workshops and hands-on technique, Mary teaches ways to be more balanced and flexible, whether you have two legs or four.” – Victoria Cummings, author of Teachings of the Horse


“Thank you again for a wonderful clinic. I learn so much on many levels when I attend your clinics. You are a wonderful teacher and mentor. It is a joy to spend time with you.

“I have worked on my horse with the new tools I have learned from your clinic. She LOVED the rib work and I was quite amazed to see her movements become more fluid post session!!  Even three days after the session, my aged mare is moving more fluidly.  She is like a young filly again!”  – Fernanda Morley, Canada 



How did Mary learn how to “grow younger”?

When Mary Debono was in her late 20’s, she suffered from a variety of aches and pains. She had bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome that resulted in nerve damage, a very painful hip, and stiffness in her back and neck.    Although more than two decades have passed since that day, Mary feels younger now than she did back then.

Studying a variety of approaches, Mary spent years exploring how to feel and move more youthfully. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner for the past 20 years, Mary learned that when we stay stuck in our habitual ways of thinking and moving we get physically get stuck too.  We develop sore muscles and stiff joints. We hesitate to explore new activities. We become limited in our thoughts and limited in our movements.  In short, we feel old.

To grow younger, Mary released the habits that kept her stuck in unhealthy patterns, and she learned to think and act in different ways.  She discovered that attention to our sensations and movements can help us function more effortlessly, even when faced with aging, arthritis or anxiety.

In the Grow Young with Your Horse workshops, Mary pulls back the curtain and explains how this unique approach has helped hundreds of horses and their humans enjoy a greater quality of life.  In addition to teaching you hands-on exercises to do with your horse, Mary will guide you through exercises. These gentle exercises can reduce stiffness, stress, aches and poor posture, while enhancing your flexibility, balance and coordination.

Grow Young with Your Horse can help you and your horse conquer fear, improve performance and partner joyfully.  I hope you join us at a workshop soon!


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