How to Host a Debono Moves* Equine Workshop

It’s easy to host a Debono Moves* Equine Workshop!

Step 1: Complete the Workshop Information form below. Please make sure your proposed workshop facility/site meets the Facility Requirements.

Step 2: Everything else you need to know to host a successful workshop is provided under Organizer’s Responsibilities. Please feel free to contact us at workshops@debonomoves.com if you have any questions.

Workshop Information

Facility Requirements

  • A quiet, horse-safe area where we can work with the horses. In locations where weather may interfere, there should be easy access to a covered arena, large barn aisle, or other sheltered area. If the workshop site is a public boarding stable, the management must agree to provide us with a quiet area where we can work uninterrupted.
  • Horses available to work with
  • For attendees who are bringing their own horses:
    • trailer access and parking
    • clean and safe stabling
    • list of which necessities (i.e., feed, shavings, water buckets, etc.) are provided by the facility and which items workshop participants must bring
  • For the FeldenkraisSMfloor movement lessons, a room or sheltered area that is large enough to provide about 6′ x 4′ of floor space for each participant. For example:
    • A club or recreation room on the stable grounds
    • A spacious living room that we can get to easily from the stable
    • A wide barn aisle
    • A level area of lawn may work, depending on weather conditions
    • A portion of an arena where a tarp can be put down and exercise mats placed on top of the tarp. If it is not a covered arena, this option is dependent upon weather conditions.
  • For the lecture and discussion part of the workshop, a sheltered area with chairs.
  • A clean restroom.
  • Drinking water.
  • Cooler or fridge to store lunches and beverages.
  • Posted emergency numbers (local veterinarian and hospital) and ready access to a phone.
  • Clear directions to the facility and, if necessary, posted signs.

Organizer’s Responsibilities

  1. Schedule your event with Mary Debono’s office. Mary’s fee is based on whether you wish to organize a group workshop or arrange for a clinic with private sessions for horses and riders.  Please email workshops@debonomoves.com to discuss your needs.
    • Outside of Southern California: In addition to Mary’s fee, organizer is responsible for Mary’s travel expenses, which may include air fare, lodging, transportation to and from the airport, transportation to and from the event site.

    A nonrefundable deposit equal to one-half the clinician’s total fee for the event is required one month prior to the workshop date.  The balance is due on the first day of the workshop.  Master Card, Visa and personal checks are accepted.  Checks should be made payable to SENSE Method, Inc. and mailed to: SENSE Method, Inc., P.O. Box 235027, Encinitas, CA 92023.

    Please contact us at workshops@debonomoves.com if you have any questions or to schedule your Debono Moves workshop date.

  2. Reserve a facility/site for your workshop that meets the Facility Requirements listed above.
  3. Promote your event.Here are some suggestions for promoting your workshop:
    • Our  office is happy to customize a flyer for your workshop. Just let us know the dates and location of your event. It’s a good idea to post flyers at feed stores, tack shops, and boarding stables.
    • Our office can also to provide you with articles about the benefits of Debono Moves that you can submit to local equine and general publications, including your local newspaper. Submissions are usually required a few months in advance of workshop dates, and some publications may ask you to place an ad as well. Our office can send you the articles electronically or submit them directly to the publications, if you provide us with contact information. Advertising costs are not reimbursed by SENSE Method, Inc., so please use discretion when placing ads. Many publications also offer low-cost classified advertising sections.
    • Talk it up! Discuss your workshop with your riding buddies, farrier, veterinarian, local riding groups, Pony Club, and 4-H programs. Hand out flyers and invite people to visit our website at www.DebonoMoves.com.
    • Use the Internet! It’s a great way to promote your event and generally costs little to nothing. Search for sites that have Event Calendars, and also post to discussion groups and message boards. Be sure to include our website at www.DebonoMoves.com and suggest that they read our articles and newsletters and get specific workshop information. Ask others on the discussion groups to cross-post the message to other discussion groups they belong to.
  4. Sign up the participants.Provide each participant with a list of what to bring and relevant local info, including:
    • horse care necessities not provided by the workshop facility (such as feed, shavings, water buckets) if attendee is bringing own horse
    • an exercise-type mat for Feldenkrais floor movement lessons and adequate padding if lesson area is a cement floor
    • clear directions to the facility
    • information on nearby, reasonably priced lodging, restaurants, and airport shuttle service for out-of-town attendees
  5. Post directional signs to the event site, if necessary.

*Debono Moves was formerly called the SENSE Method.