Liberty Play!

The fun way to train your horse!

Liberty Play! is a positive training approach that is based on partnership, not dominance. It incorporates playful movement and music, restoring fun to the horse-human relationship. Its rejuvenating nature uplifts the body, mind and spirit of horse and human, and you’ll learn how to Grow Young with Your Horse®!

“Thanks for a wonderful session! It was so much fun to see Maui having fun. She looked so happy and excited to learn. That has always been my greatest wish. That she enjoy our journey together. Your work supports us immensely in having that kind of relationship.   Thank-you!”       –  Dana Foreman,San Diego,CA


Train Your Horse With Love from Mary Debono on Vimeo.

Horse Chases Human with Whip – Why Clicker Training Works from Mary Debono on Vimeo.