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Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your Riding Problems

Posted on March 6, 2018

I have a quick story to tell you. (And a free video exercise!)   A young woman named Terra was suffering from pain and tension in her upper back, shoulders and neck. She often felt hunched over and uncomfortable.   How I helped her may surprise you.        Since Terra is an equestrian, I Continue Reading »

Activate Your Rib Cage for a Healthier Back and Neck

Posted on February 21, 2017

Does your back or neck ache or get stiff? Wouldn’t it be great to be limber and pain-free? Well, as surprising as it sounds, “waking up” your rib cage may be the key to more comfortable, youthful movement.   The Feldenkrais® audio lesson (exercise) called “Activate Your Rib Cage to Improve Your Back and Neck” is Continue Reading »

Why Meditating with Your Dog Can Make You Healthy

Posted on September 2, 2016

This simple meditation can bring peace and comfort during the last days of a dog’s life. It can also provide comfort and healing for the human even long after the dog has passed away. A reader, Robin, experienced that. This is what she wrote to me: “Mary, I just wanted to thank you for your Continue Reading »

My book is finally here – and it’s FREE!

Posted on November 12, 2014

The Kindle edition is free from November 12 – 14, 2014 . The price will be $9.97 as of 11/15/14.  Don’t miss out – download your free copy TODAY! Would you like to learn how to help yourself and your dog feel better – at any age?    If so, this book is for you! In Continue Reading »

Easier Bending on the Back

Posted on September 8, 2014

Free Exercise for a Flexible Spine Would you like to have a pain-free, flexible back? Enhance your flexibility and coordination Reduce back stress and strain Look and feel younger in minutes! Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(cm) Mary Debono leads you through a short, easy exercise that can help relieve back strain and enhance the flexibility of Continue Reading »

Why Improving YOUR Hips Can Help Your Dog or Horse

Posted on May 3, 2013

By Mary Debono It’s a funny thing. Whether it’s a dog with sore hips or damaged knees, or a horse with a stiff back, a creaky neck or some other trouble, very often people have the very same affliction as their animal. Since it happens WAY too often to be mere coincidence, it made me Continue Reading »

A Woman’s Remarkable Recovery From Torn Knee Ligaments

Posted on October 21, 2012

By Mary Debono It’s horrifying to think of someone being dragged by a frightened horse, tearing four knee ligaments completely in half and breaking her lower leg in three places. But rather than resigning herself to an inactive life with a “bad leg”, Nicki Branch amazed her orthopedic physician by hiking up a mountain less Continue Reading »

Lengthen Your Hamstrings Without Stretching!

Posted on September 5, 2012

By Mary Debono It’s not just runners and other elite athletes who suffer from tight hamstrings and sore, stiff backs. Even among people of varying fitness levels, it seems that many people struggle with tight muscles and stiffness. And it may come as a surprise to you that stretching is not the answer. In fact, Continue Reading »

Feeling Stiff? Sit Your Way to a Supple Spine!

Posted on April 4, 2012

“These days my back often gets stiff and sore. The discomfort saps my energy and I’m feeling older by the day.  It’s also starting to interfere with my ability to hike with my dogs and ride my horse. Besides turning back the clock, is there anything I can do?”   Mary responds: Absolutely! I’ve heard Continue Reading »

Are You Balanced in the Saddle?

Posted on August 16, 2011

Part One: Feldenkrais Method® for Riders   The voice on the phone sounded frustrated.  “My horse, Kali*, won’t bend to the right.  No matter how much leg or even spur I use, it’s a struggle. One of my friends at the barn gave me your number. I think she was tired of hearing me complain Continue Reading »

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