Online Sessions and Courses for Equestrians

Would you love to have a private lesson with Mary but live too far away?  An online session may be the answer! 

Fine-tuning a rider's position

Online sessions can feel as if Mary is right beside you.


  • Do you want to be a more confident, secure rider?   
  • Do you tend to lose a stirrup or lean to one side?
  • Do your hips, back or knees get stiff or sore?
  • Do you wish you were more flexible and coordinated?
  • Does your trainer tell you to pull your shoulders back? 
  • Are you tense or anxious when you ride?  
  • Is it easier to bend your horse one direction than the other?
  • Is your horse having trouble rounding his back and collecting?
Mounted Feldenkrais exercises improve body awareness

Improve your posture and flexibility effortlessly.

  • Do you want to improve your skill, balance and posture?


Whether you’re a competitive dressage rider, jumper or pleasure rider that takes to the trails on weekends, an online coaching session with Mary Debono can help you take  your riding to a new level of enjoyment and skill. 

Prior to your online session, you and Mary will discuss what  you would like to improve, so she can formulate a strategy especially for you. Mary can also review up to 20 minutes of video that you provide.  (Note: it’s helpful for Mary to see you riding in a video, but it’s certainly not essential.)

Your online coaching session will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 

In your online session, Mary will address any mindset blocks that may be getting in your way. She’ll also lead you through a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson (unmounted exercise) chosen specifically to address your riding challenges.

Plus, she’ll give you additional strategies to support and expand your progress, including how you can do your customized exercise in the saddle too.  

Online coaching sessions with Mary are conducted via Zoom.  Your investment is $197 and the video recording is yours to keep!*

Contact Mary to learn if you would be a good fit for an online session. 

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An online session with Mary makes a thoughtful gift!  Click here to print out a gift certificate for an online session with Mary

*Recordings allow you to refer back to the information presented in the online session.  You won’t have to rely on your memory!  Recordings are for the client’s private use only.