Organizing Back Power Video

Download the Organizing Back Power Video by clicking this link.

Video is 35 minutes long. Only $14.97  

Great for equestrians!  Improve your posture and riding. ?????????????????????????????????    

  • Improve your posture effortlessly
  • Enhance your flexibility and coordination 
  • Reduce back/neck stress and strain
  • Double the range of your Cobra pose! 

This video can vastly improve your back’s power and freedom in minutes.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionerscm Gary Waskowsky and Mary Debono lead you through a movement lesson designed to eliminate the rounded back from constant sitting and stress.  You can look and feel younger with a naturally elegant posture.

Learn how to use developmental movements to improve your back’s power and flexibility easily and effortlessly!  Improve your balance, coordination and athletic skills, including walking, running, riding and golfing. Imagine doubling the range of your Yoga Cobra pose. This lesson does that for many people.

Please note that Organizing Back Power is not intended to treat any medical condition nor does it replace medical care.  Please check with your physician before beginning any movement program.  Do not do the movements if you experience pain.

Download the Organizing Back Power Video by clicking this link.

Video is approximately 35 minutes long.  Only $14.97!

Mary Debono
Mary Debono, is a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner who teaches people how to increase mobility and confidence while minimizing the effects of aging and injury. She is the author of the award-winning, Amazon #1 bestseller, "Grow Young with Your Dog," and the creator of Debono Moves. Mary travels internationally to teach workshops with an equine, canine/feline or human focus. She also offers online consultations. Mary lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, horse, dog and cat. Visit her at www.DebonoMoves.com
Mary Debono
Mary Debono