Mary Debono offers:

Questions? Please email Mary.   

Online Sessions

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Would you love to have a private lesson with Mary but live too far away?  An online session may be the answer! 

For your dog, cat or horse:  Is your senior pet getting stiff or slow?  Is your pet recovering from an injury or illness? Is your dog anxious?  Do you wish to bond more deeply with your animal companion?  I can teach you how to help improve your pet’s overall well-being and functioning.

Not everyone will qualify for an online session for their animal.  

An online animal session is NOT RIGHT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix for your animal’s problem(s)
  • You’re not interested in taking the time to connect more deeply with your dog, cat or horse
  • You’re hoping for a diagnosis and treatment plan. (Note: please consult your veterinarian for that!)

An online animal session may be RIGHT for you if:

  • You’re willing to spend time (about 15 minutes a few times a week) facilitating a deep, healing connection with your animal. Mary can teach you how to do this.  
  • You’re ready to slow down and learn how to truly FEEL
  • You want to learn how to use your heart and hands to promote lifelong health and vitality for you and your animal companions
  • You’re familiar with Mary’s book, Grow Young with Your Dog.” or my video program, “Age-Proofing Your Dog.” (Even if you’re a cat person!)  If you’re a horse person, you’ve read several of her equine blog posts or attended one of Mary’s workshops or clinics.   

Interested? Please email Mary to learn if you’re a good fit for an online session.  

Online sessions with Mary are conducted via Zoom.  Your investment is $147 and the recording is yours to keep*.

From California to Kenya!  While sitting in my kitchen in California, I taught a woman in Kenya how to help a ten week-old puppy, who was born with a twisted spine and weak hips.   Here’s what she had to say:  “Hi Mary, that was amazing… I can’t believe how much can be conveyed through Skype… especially how much you were able to perceive.  And having the video recording of the session is a real gift. Thank you so much, Mary!” M.E., Kenya 

Contact Mary to learn if an online session would be a right fit for you.   I’m here to help.  

*Recordings allow you to refer back to the information presented in the online session.  You won’t have to rely on your memory! The recording is  for the client’s private use only.



Equine Clinics and Workshops

Mary travels internationally to horses and riders improve their movement, connection and well-being. She offers private sessions for horses and riders, as well as group workshops. 

For information about our equine workshops, please visit our Horse & Rider Workshops page.

For information about our canine workshops, please visit our Canine Workshops page.

Contact Mary if you would like to learn more about her group clinics and workshops.   

Fine-tuning a rider's position

Fine-tuning a rider’s position

Workshop participants learn how to improve their flexibility balance and coordination

Workshop participants learn how to improve their flexibility balance and coordination







Mary demonstrates how to help an injured dog walk more comfortably. 

Mary demos SENSE Rib Moves

Mary teaches workshop participants how to help a horse become more supple through the rib cage.