VIP Program: Your Personalized Plan for Equestrian Success

Do you struggle to improve your riding? Are you plagued with achy joints or tight muscles? Are you tense? In Mary’s VIP Program, she’ll personally design a 90-day action plan to help perfect your position and comfort. You’ll benefit from Mary’s individual Skype coaching and step-by-step techniques to help you ride with confidence and ease.             

Mary can help you:

  • Replace force with feel
  • Eliminate back, neck, hip and knee pain
  • Improve your posture, flexibility and coordination
  • Sit straight and balanced in the saddle – no more collapsed hips 
  • Feel your seat bones evenly and be able to use this essential weight aid

She also can help you:

  • Have lighter, softer hands  
  • Use your legs evenly and effectively, without force or strain 
  • Return joy, confidence and harmony to the horse-human partnership
  • Ride in a manner that encourages relaxation and suppleness in your horse
  • Enhance your body awareness – know how to move and control your body  

Mary is known for helping riders uncover hidden restrictions that have been causing them pain, stiffness or tension. She also guides timid riders into finding confidence in mind and body. Her sessions have succeeded where other approaches have failed. 

How does her approach work? Mary can help you discover the cause of your asymmetry, discomfort, tension, stiffness or anxiety. If you’re like most people, the things you do outside of riding, such as the way you sit at your desk, drive your car or hold your phone/tablet may be sabotaging your equestrian success as well as creating pain and stiffness. Mary can teach you how to do those activities in a way that supports, rather than detracts, from your riding.

Instead of telling you to sit up straight, pull back your shoulders, use your core, etc., Mary will get to the root cause of your problem and then guide you through Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons (gentle exercises) that are designed to release unnecessary tension and create healthier, more comfortable movement options. She’ll create a simple, step-by-step plan so that you can succeed.   

Your improvements will be due to enhanced skill power, not greater will power. Less force means less wear and tear on your body and gentler, more harmonious communication with your horse. Your horse will thank you!    

Why should you work with Mary Debono, GCFP? 

Mary is a sought-after international clinician, bestselling author, certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, life-long horsewoman and creator of Debono Moves.  She has been helping equestrians discover balanced, effortless riding for over 20 years. Her clients range from beginner pleasure riders to world-class dressage and jumper competitors. All have found improvements in skill, position and confidence.

As someone who has also been improving the movement, soundness and well-being of horses for over 25 years, Mary has the rare ability to get to the root of a horse/human problem.       

Are you crooked in the saddle? Mary will help you sit in balance and comfort. Does one leg creep up? Mary can help you let go of the habit of holding one side of your pelvis higher, which often leads to leg creep and a lost stirrup.

Does your back, neck, knee or hip ache? Mary can teach you how to change the habits that are causing your aches, pains and stiffness. Do you round your shoulders? Mary can help you enjoy elegant posture without effort. Do you hang onto your reins or bump your horse in the mouth? Mary can help you discover how to have better balance and softer, following hands.  

Do you hold your breath when you ride? This can cause problems throughout your body as well as create tension in your horse. Mary can help you breathe in a natural, effortless way that enhances your movement and relaxes and supports your horse

In a nutshell, Mary will help you uncover restrictions and help you ride with ease. You’ll feel better on and off your horse!   

Note to instructors and trainers: this program complements, not replaces, riding instruction. You’ll probably find it easier to teach your students after they’ve enrolled in Mary’s program, due to their enhanced body awareness, coordination and feel.  

When you join Mary’s VIP Program, she’ll design a customized, simple, step-by-step plan to help you meet your riding goals.

Added bonus: As you develop your “feel” and awareness through Mary’s VIP Program, you’ll find its benefits expanding into more and more of your life. For example, sitting at your desk and driving your car will probably become more comfortable. Your overall strength and stamina may improve. Your confidence may increase in other areas of your life. People will likely notice that you’re standing straighter and you’ll have more energy. In short, you’ll probably feel younger and more vital!      

During the 90-day VIP Program, you’ll have twice-monthly Skype calls with Mary at a time that works for you. During your initial call, you can tell Mary what you’d like to improve in your riding or horsemanship. Are you struggling with your position? Are you crooked or asymmetrical? Do you lack coordination? Balance? Is anxiety holding you back? Do you have seemingly “impossible” dreams? Feel free to share anything you’d like to work on together!  

If you’d like, you can submit video clips for Mary to view before your call. Together, you and Mary will clarify what goals you’d like to achieve in the next 90 days.  

Over a three-month period, Mary will guide your progress through personalized coaching and a detailed action plan. If you’d like, you may submit video clips for Mary to review, but that is not required.

In addition to the twice-monthly Skype calls, Mary will provide you with weekly email support and audio/video Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons (gentle, effective exercises) that she’ll choose for you. 

If you can travel to Mary’s office in Encinitas, California, you can replace any number of the Skype calls with in-person office sessions at no extra cost. Hint: the coastal town of Encinitas, which is just north of San Diego, is a fabulous place to visit!   

What You’ll Get from the 90-Day VIP Program:

  • Clarity on your equestrian goals (discover what you really want!)
  • Empowerment that comes from knowing WHY you’ve been struggling      
  • A clear path to overcoming your obstacles and achieving your riding goals  

How Does Mary Do This?

  • The initial Skype call with Mary helps identify what you’ve been struggling with. She’ll lead you through a Feldenkrais movement lesson (gentle exercise) chosen to address your situation. Feel free to share video clips beforehand, if you’d like. 
  • She’ll personally help you clarify your 90-day equestrian goals
  • Mary will then design a simple, step-by-step plan to address your unique needs  

Then You’ll Get…

  • Twice-a-month Skype calls with Mary to answer your questions, guide your progress and lead you through specially-selected Feldenkrais movement lessons (exercises). 
  • Weekly email support with audio or video Feldenkrais movement lessons (exercises) selected for you.     
  • Inspiration and motivation from someone who cares about your goals and dreams   

Mary limits her VIP Program to a small number of equestrians who are motivated to discover an easier, more harmonious way to ride their horses. Your riding level, physical ability, age or riding discipline doesn’t matter!  If you are motivated to improve, Mary would be happy to discuss her VIP Program with you. 

You’ll get the most benefit if you take the time to do the exercises that Mary suggests for you!

Your Time Investment: The results you achieve from this program are dependent on you taking the time to do the exercises. Keeping in mind how busy most of us are, Mary has designed a number of the exercises to be only 10 or 15 minutes long, although there are some that are 35 – 50 minutes long.

The exercises are done in various positions: lying down, sitting or standing up. Some are done while you are mounted on your horse (or even a stationary saddle).  To get the most benefit, it’s suggested that you do at least a short exercise five or more days a week.

This is a 90-day program, so Mary is trying to maximize your improvements within this three-month time frame. The exercises feel good, so you’ll likely want to do more anyway!    

Mary has designed some of the exercises to be incorporated into your daily life, such as when you’re grooming your horse, tacking up or even cleaning the stalls! This brings a newfound awareness and pleasure to even routine tasks. 

The twice-monthly Skype calls are 45-50 minutes long. This is your personal, one-on-one time with Mary, so we can schedule them at a mutually-convenient time. 


Your Financial Investment: Your investment is $397 per month for three months. Do you like to save money? You save $194 if you pay in full at the time of enrollment, with a one-time payment of only $997. We accept PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. Your results are Mary’s #1 priority, so she personally guarantees your satisfaction with her program.*

Questions? Please email Mary to find out if the VIP Program would be right for you.  

What Mary’s in-person clients have to say: 

“Hi Mary !  I just wanted to let you know  that yesterday I rode for the first time after your session. It was fantastic! Just like I was hoping it would be!  My trainer said  that I was super centered. I could trot and canter, since my balance was there again. You are really amazing!  I cannot thank you enough.”   – Kristiina Lehtonen, Finland  



Lientje Schueler

“Mary Debono’s work has helped me tremendously regarding body awareness and body coordination. Due to the new found ways of moving my body, I have been able to ride differently, but also use my body in a more beneficial way on a day-to-day basis. For example, I am now able to move my neck separately from my shoulders and turn in the rib cage while maintaining an upright position when driving in the car.

“…Overall, the Feldenkrais work with Mary Debono has enriched my movement on and off the horse. I therefore experience hardly any back and shoulder pain anymore. I can make my own body work less, by using the right body parts at the right time, instead of all of them all the time.”

– Lientje Schueler, S. Peters Training Stable


Kate Shuster and Quiero

“To me, Feldenkrais has been nothing short of a miracle. I recommend Mary constantly to friends who complain of back pain and I have even pressed her business card on strangers I overheard complaining of back pain!

“Mary’s all-day workshops are amazing. As an athlete, I believed I had to live with a certain amount of low-level pain. Mary has taught me that I don’t have to endure any pain, that it is possible to be active, athletic and not have back pain! I could not recommend Mary more highly. She has changed my life!

– Kate Shuster, USDF Gold Medalist and dressage judge 


“Mary Debono is skilled at making both you, the rider, and your horse feel better than you ever have. Through exercises, workshops and hands-on technique, Mary teaches ways to be more balanced and flexible, whether you have two legs or four.”  – Victoria Cummings, author of Teachings of the Horse


“Hi Magic Mary, My back pain is gone this morning. I’m so grateful for your talent.”                                                                                                                                – Elaine A., San Diego, CA 


“Good Morning Mary, I had an amazing day yesterday following our session. Much to my surprise, I found my neck movement much more free. And there is no pain in my foot on rising today. Thank you so much for opening the door to this process for me. Thank you!”
– N.F., Encinitas, CA (had chronic, painful plantar fasciitis, as well as neck pain and stiffness)


To read more, please visit Mary’s testimonials page

Questions? Please email Mary to find out if the VIP Program would be right for you.  

*Refund Policy: Your success is Mary’s #1 priority, so she wants to encourage you to commit to following your personalized plan. This work is life-changing, but you have to put in the time and attention to reap the rewards!

Mary will cheerfully refund your payment if you feel that you haven’t benefited from her program despite devoting the appropriate time and attention to doing the suggested exercises. Refunds are only provided within the first 30 days of the program. To request a refund, you must state that you’ve done all the suggested exercises and submit brief notes on your experiences with them. Please don’t register for the VIP Program if it’s a financial hardship for you.    

Questions? Please email Mary to find out if the VIP Program would be right for you.